ECSOLAR Modules Passed IEC61701 Level 6 Which Is the Most Rigorous Salt Moist Corrosion Test

Time:2016-05-31 19:52:15

Recently the mono and poly panels of ECSOLAR passed TUV SUD salt moist corrosion test level 6 - the highest level of this kind of tests - based on IEC61701 (ed.2) which proved the excellent performance of ECSOLAR’s modules even in extreme environments.

Salt moist corrosion is a kind of regular and damaging atmospheric corrosion. The main corrosive composition is sodium chloride, i.e. salt. Salt moist corrosion is very common in coastal regions and inland saline areas. Since humid and salty climate can severely reduce the service life of key components (frame, junction box, glass, etc.) the power generating capacity and performance of solar panels which are installed in these areas and without salt-fog resistance will be greatly affected. 

The salt moist corrosion test we took included 8 circulations and lasted for 56 days. Test results suggested that the power loss rate of our modules was less than 0.2%; performance and appearance superior; very suitable for deploying in coastal regions and areas with much rainfall as well as acid mist.

With the development of market, ECSOLAR keeps on improving the quality and performance of products accordingly in order to meet the requirement of differentiated marketing. Passing the salt moist corrosion test is another move of ECSOLAR to adapt to market development and focus on client demands. ECSOLAR will keep on optimizing product performance and enhancing competitiveness as well as creating value for our clients.


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