Standard Series
High conversion efficiency through advanced manufacturing technology 12 years product warranty 25 years linear performance warranty 3%- 5% positive tolerance ensures more power generated Withstand snow loads up to 5400Pa and wind loads up to 2400Pa under extreme temperature Anti-PID modules effectively reduce the loss in solar panel power output Anti salt mist corrosion & anti-ammonia corrosion test
Mono Crystalline PV Module
Poly Crystalline PV Module
All Black Series
Black frame, Dark cells, Black sheet Elegant outlook, Aesthetical design High performance, Anti high temperature Two series available: 60-cell module and 70-cell module
All Black Mono Crystalline PV Module
ECS-270/275/280/285/290/295/300M60 All BlackMore>>
ECS-315/320/325/330/335/340/345M72 All BlackMore>>
All Black Poly Crystalline PV Module
ECS-250/255/260/265/270/275/280P60 All BlackMore>>
ECS-310/315/320/325/330/335P72 All BlackMore>>