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ECSOLAR Upgraded to 400 MW full automatic production lines

With the development of technology and the accumulation of experiences, ECSOLAR has successfully developed full automatic production lines since 2015. The annual capacity of ECSOLAR was expanded to 400MW.


“This transition is a landmark of ECSOLAR. It helps us as a solar panel manufacturer eliminate human errors and improve competitiveness. In this way we can actively pursue a higher standard of quality control and services as well as better prices. ECSOLAR panels will practice several major inspection procedures during production: EL testing of 3 times, appearance inspection of 3 times as well as power testing and inspection. Our laboratory can test solar panels in the environment with controlled temperature and relative humidity. We guarantee that every solar panel shall be with perfect appearance and positive power performance.” ECSOLAR CTO Liu said.


For video of ECSOLAR’s full automatic production lines, please refer to: