Wuxi Saijing Solar Co., Ltd (ECSOLAR).

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Project Reference

ECSOLAR modules have been successfully installed in a great amount of photovoltaic systems around the world: from small residential roof project to large solar farms. Get acquainted with our exemplary installation.


Roof Project



Location: Niedersachsen, Germany

Performance: 322K

Module: ECS-240P



Location: Leutershausen, Germany

Performance: 260K

Module: ECS-180D



Location: Ansbach, Germany

Performance: 120K

Module: ECS-180D


Ground Project 



Location: Zhejiang, China

Performance: 20MW

Module: ECS-255P60




Location: Xinjiang, China

Performance: 30MW

Module: ECS-250P60



Location: Ningxia, China

Performance: 30MW

Module: ECS-255P60